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2011 News

Rafael Balboa´s new film "Never Trust American Movies" is heading for several film festivals next summer.

TRYO [Expanded Cinema] projekct was announced to perform live @ The Museo de Arte Carillo Gil in Mexico City next July.

Rafael Balboa appears in the French Documentary about experimental film history called:Cinémas de traverse by Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger. The Documentary will have international distribution.


Mexican Visual Artist | Cinematographer | eXperimental Filmmaker

Rafael Balboa lives and works in Mexico City. His film production is characterized by a strong focus on abstract films. Since recently, he is working mainly with found footage to create short experimental films, as well as installations that explore the idea of "expanded cinema". Rafael Balboa works on both individual and collective projects.

Rafael Balboa es un cineasta radicado en la ciudad de méxico, su producción se centra en el cine abstracto, pero recientemente el ha estado trabajando principalmente con película encontrada. Balboa también explora la idea del "cine expandido" tanto como en instalaciones en lo individual como en presentaciones en vivo en lo colectivo.


| Statement |

One thing that I discovered in my films is that they always reveal themselves as living entities with their own aesthetics. When the work is experimental, it is possible that you fail or that you get somewhere you didn't intent at first. In either case, I try to achieve something that is difficult to describe with words - as Robert Motherwell said: " Sometimes it´s experimentation, but sometimes it's a revelation...". Maybe one part of the revelation is that cinema as art is more powerful than anything else.

Algo que descubrí hace algunos años revisando mis trabajos, es que a veces se revelan como entidades propias, incluso con su propia estética. Cuando el trabajo es experimental, es posible que uno falle o llegue justamente a un lugar donde no fue la intención primera llegar, de cualquier forma, siempre he tratado de mostrar lo que no se puede poner en palabras, incluso en imágenes. Como alguna vez dijo Robert Motherwell -"...a veces es experimentación, pero otras una revelación".

FILMOGRAPHY (from the beginning...)


Homage to Robert Wiene (Homenaje a Robert Wiene)
7:00min | 16mm | b&w | stereo | cat. german expresionism

"Amateur film, a recreation of classic expresionist film:
The Cabinet of Doctor´s Caligari"


3:30min | Regular 8 | color | stereo | cat. experimental

¨This short film was inspired on the Sergei`s Einsenstein
theory of the counterpoint between Images + sound, but
the idea was to create a third dimension on the audience
with the elements of sound, music, memory and strong
images. This is 5 minutes version with a extra material
from the original version from 2002.”


3:30min | 16mm | color | stereo | cat. experimental/hand-painted film

"This is an entire living entity of music by Autechre and abstract
images. Influenced by Stan Brakhage an paintings of the
neo-abstract expresionism of the XX century. This film is
entirely made without any optical printer device."


Très Muybridge (Crazy Muybridge)
7:30min | 16mm | b&w | stereo | cat. experimental

“This is a half abstract simphony between music of Gustav Holst´s
(Mars: The bringer of war) and some animation of the XIX Century
photographer Eadweard Muybridge and some dummies a la Man Ray."


3:30min | 35mm | color | stereo | cat. experimental
Centro Multimedia, CNA, Music by Julio Clavijo

"For the very first time I had the chance to work with original
music strings & frecuencies provided by Julio Clavijo. The
entire film is made with 35mm found footage, after many
destruction by chemicals the results really bites people."


For Absent Friends
15:00min | super8,16mm | color | stereo | cat. experimental

"A portrait of ghosts from the past"


(Available only Here)

Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is RECycled
[part 1: First Call]

3:40min | FFF* | color | stereo | cat. experimental | Low-Res
(*Found Footage Film)

Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is RECycled
[part 2: Red Alert]

4:40min | FFF* | color | stereo | cat. experimental | Low-Res
(*Found Footage Film)

Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is RECycled
[part 3: Too Little, too late]

2009 | 6:00min | FFF* | color | stereo | cat. experimental | Low-Res
(*Found Footage Film)

Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is RECycled
[part 4: Epilog]

3:30min | FFF* | color | stereo | cat. experimental | Low-Res
(*Found Footage Film)

"This is a Found Footage Quadrilogy, The rule here was to create nothing.
These short pieces were conceived only to extract things from films
founded in the WWWeb, even music or titles are not created...everything here
even the Title is taken from somewhere...The main idea is to talk about
of the incoming future where artist don´t create anymore just cut & paste
the things RECycling the past."


COMING SOON!!! Never to Theater Near you...

Never Trust American Movies
28:20min | FFF* | color | stereo | cat. experimental | Score: Nurse with Wound
(*Found Footage Film)

"Found Footage poetical Film sort of experimental Road Movie".



Hamlet´s Return (Spanish)
2001 | adapted from luis Buñuel´s Hamlet 1918 | cat. surrealist

Très Bataille (Spanish)
2007 | adapted from Georges Bataille´s histoire d l´oire 1928 | cat. surrealist |

The Faraoh of the Desert (Spanish)
2008 | original screenplay | cat. surrealist

The Monologues of Peer [work in progress]
2008 | adapted from Henrik Ibsen´s Peer Gynt 1867 | cat. drama


Paintings in the Optical Printer
2006 | Series of paintings in motion for several output channels.
Programa de Apoyo a la Producción en Arte y Medios , CNA, Centro Multimedia.


LIve Performances EXPANDED CINEMA (Trinchera Ensamble as a collective)
Founded & Created in 2004 by Rafael Balboa (MEX), Manuel Trujillo (MEX) y Doris Steinbichler (AUS)
more info


Current Projekcts:

Trinchera Ensamble
Never Trust American Movies


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Selected Group Exhibitions

December 2010: Cento Cultural España en Buenos Aires, "Pars Pro Toto III". Bs.As, Argentina.
November 2010: Colección Engelman Ost: "Pars Pro Toto II". Montevideo, Uruguay.
November 2010: Museo de la Ciudad de México: "Pars Pro Toto I". Mexico City, México.
January 2010: Laboratorio | ARTE ALAMEDA: "Bis Repetita Placent". Mexico City, México.
July 2007: IX Festival del Arte Multimedia Experimental: Fuga Jurásica, "Ars mea ,lux Mea". Buenos Aires, Argentina.
March 2007: Festival del Centro Histórico, "E Pluribus Unum."Academia de San Carlos, Mexico City.
December 2006: 8o. Festival des Cinémas Diférents: Centre culturel la Clef (Cinéma Images d'ailleurs). Paris, France.
December 2006: Monochrom TAUGSHOW, Featured visual artists: LA TRINCHERA, Austrian TV.
December 2006: Essl Collection "Coop" Series: "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" Performing @ Sammlung Essl, Vienna, Austria.
November 2006: Plektrum, Multimediafestival in Tallin, Estonia, livestream from Vienna, Austria to Tallin, Estonia.
November 2006: 0>Port, "Artist of the Month." Quartier für Digitale Kunst, MuseumsQuartier. Vienna, Austria.
June 2005: 3er. Festival Internacional de Performance, Museo del Chopo, Ciudad de México.
August 2004: 6o. Festival Internacional-Regional de Cine y Video "Geografías Suaves" Convento de Santo Domingo. Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México.


VIII Biennal Internacional de Video Experimental y Cine Contemporaneo. VideoFest 2K10. Tijuana, BC, México. 2010.

11ème Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris, décembre, 2009.

ABSTRACTA [In competition] : Abstract & Experimental Festival. Isola Tiberina. Roma, Italia. 2009.

Mex-Parismental. Paris, France.2006.

Mex-Parismental. Paris, France.2005.

VIDEOEX: Internationales Experimentalfilm & Video Festival. Zurich, Switzerland.2005.

Mex-Parismental.Paris, France.2004.

VIDEOEX : Internationales Experimentalfilm & Video Festival. Zurich, Switzerland. 2004.


Eksperim(e)nto Film & Video Festival. Manila, Philippinnes 2004.

ANTIMATTER: Festival of Underground Film & Video. Victoria,BC,Canada 2003.

Mex-Parismental. Paris,France. 2003.

La Soireé de Arts/Mateurs. Paris, France. 2003.

Mex-Parismental. Cinémas la Clef. Paris, France. 2002.

Centro de la Imagen / Center of the image. Mexico City. 2002.


[[[ZOOM IN]]]

ABSTRACTA 2009: Abstract & Experimental Film Festival. Rome Italy
Seconda serata (Second Evening)
26 agosto, dalle 21,30 alle 23,30

Rafael Balboa Rivera (Messico) Colors (4’) 2003 Intermezzo (4’) 2006 : : Galina Myznikova – Sergey Provorov (Russia) Washing off a paint (2’50’’) 2008 Velo (5’45’’) 2000 : : Félix Dufour-Laperrière (Canada) M (8’) 2009 Andrea Leoni – Joe Candido (Italia-Argentina) Y (13’57’’) 2007 : : Clint Enns (Canada) The death of natural language (2’54’’) 2007 : : Rebecca Meyers (USA) Night side (4’) 2008 : : Stuart Pound (Gran Bretagna) Die Nebensonnen (2’24’’) 2008/2009 Oh no, not you again! (1’) 2008/2009 Speech (4’25’’) 2008/2009 : : Alexandros Tsadilas (Grecia) Kite (5’32’’) 2009 : : Justin Wiggan (Gran Bretagna) Lipton files (10’) 2006 : : James Snazell (Gran Bretagna) Wanderer (6’) 2008 : : Paul Ritt (Olanda) Edge (4’) 2009 : : Soha Abou Hussien (Egitto) Lost in the desert (3’) 2008 : : Gennaro De Pasquale (Italia) 5 artifacts (4’37’’) 2007 : : Gustavo Kortsarz (Argentina) 1000 (4’43’’) 2008 : : Neil Needleman (USA) Cellular activity:respect for red and green (6’15’’) 2009 : : Alexandre Larose (Canada) Artifices 1(3’30’’) 2007 : : Dominic Etienne Simard (Canada) Crhomosome XYZ (12’35’’) 2009 Ingenue (2’04’’) 2008 : : Xavier Ameller (Francia) Square invaders (7’) 2009

Honorable mentions of the jury
Menzioni speciali 'Per la forza del linguaggio'
Intermezzo (2006)
del messicano Rafael Balboa


Du Mexique jusqu’au Cône Sud jeudi 10 décembre 2009 Incantations du Réalisme Magique 20h, à La Clef

jeudi 10 décembre 20hr00

Contrappunti, Rafael Balboa, Mexique, 2002, 8mmR , coul, son, 5’

Prueba de Autor, Amaranta Sanchez, Mexique, 2005, 16 mm, coul, sil, 7’

Niko et la berlue, Elena Pardo, Mexique, 2006, 16 mm,, coul, son, 3’

Monocelular, Felipe Cataldo, Brésil, 2008, coul, son, 13’

Sueño de Pantano, Juliàn Bonequi, Mexique, 2005, coul, son, 3’

Angélica, Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Mexique, 2005, coul, son, 3’

[N], Ana Mendez Diaz et Francisco Westendarp, Mexique, 2008,16 mm,coul/nb, son, 4’

NYeX, Pedro Jimenez, Mexique, 2009, coul, son, 3’

Espectro, Sergio Subero, Argentine, 2008, coul, son, 3’

Para Limpar Lagrimas, Cristiana Miranda, Brésil, 2008, 16 mm,coul/nb,son, 10’

El Jardìn de las Virtudes, Anibal Conde et Lucìa Ferreira, Uruguay, 2008, 16 mm, nb, son, 4’

Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before it is RECycled (part I: First Call),Rafael Balboa, Mexique, 2009, 16 mm, coul/nb, son, 4'